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Chad Mason

​​Pinnacle Agencies Ltd. is about more than individuals, it is about the collective experience and knowledge that comes from each of its members, says Chad Mason.

“When I met the whole team in January of 2015, it reinforced the fact that I made the right decision when I accepted my current position with Pinnacle,” says the Mount Pearl, NL, inside sales customer support representative. “I know that I can get an answer to any customer’s challenge, just by reaching out to someone in the team. “

Chad’s focus is to ensure complete customer satisfaction, from initial contact, through sale, and, ultimately, through job completion. It is a challenge the lifelong Newfoundlander enjoys partly because he knows there is a strong team on whom he and his clients can rely. The team approach is not new to Chad, who likes to spend his leisure time playing ice or ball hockey and soccer.

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Mike Beauchamp

​​Mike Beauchamp likes that he can rely on his co-workers and suppliers to provide the team approach to customer service.  “There are many technical aspects of this job,” he says, “which require knowledge and experience, it’s great when you can pick up the phone and get the additional support you need to fully satisfy a customer’s needs. That’s why our clients see us as their partners, we are able to provide them with the answers and support they need.”

After spending 10 years in the advertising industry, Mike knows a little bit about what makes for repeat customers. He says Pinnacle’s strong reputation comes from more than 25 years of experience carrying some of the most recognizable lines in the construction industry, and from the service excellence that keeps clients coming back.

Mike holds a bachelor of commerce , with a major in marketing, from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, N.S.  He works largely with Pinnacle’s architectural clients to develop accurate product specifications, and with contractors to bring products to market and provide ongoing site support. 

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Randy Nason

​​As one of three co-owners of Pinnacle Agencies Ltd., Randy Nason is committed to the service excellence that has helped the company earn its solid reputation. The reward comes from watching a project move from a concept all the way through to completion.

“It’s quite satisfying,” says the company’s vice-president. “Some projects I just see on paper initially and then, sometimes years later, to have the opportunity to see that structure in reality, it’s really great. All projects provide something. On big ones you are thrilled to be part of such a complex job, and on other projects it is just that idea of watching it move through to completion. ”

A NACE Level 1 Certified Coating Inspector, Randy works primarily with building envelope engineers and architects as a distributor liaison. As part owner of the company, and a 20-year veteran of the industry, he also plays a key role in supporting new company staff. As they become familiar with the diverse lines and products, he helps them also build the connections and relationships they need to ensure they can resolve challenges along the way.

A lifelong New Brunswicker, he loves the pace, the people and the way of life of Atlantic Canada and can be found on the golf courses, boating or fishing in summers, and in the hockey rink in winter.

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Darryl Hodder 

When Darryl Hodder speaks passionately about his work, you know he means it. In January 2015, Darryl and his colleagues Randy Nason and Shane MacDow took that enthusiasm to a new level, becoming the new co-owners of Pinnacle Agencies Ltd.  With more than 20 years in the industry, and 13 with Pinnacle, Darryl knew the company had the people and products that get the job done.

“Our biggest asset,” he says, “is our people. We have some of the most knowledgeable and loyal employees in the industry. With such a diverse and extensive product line, we also have the ability to provide multiple options and the right materials for any of our customers’ needs.”

That means clients both large and small receive truly comprehensive service for all their construction and industrial needs in Atlantic Canada.

 As president of Pinnacle Agencies Ltd., Darryl, a NACE Level 3 Certified Coatings Inspector, combines the day to day running of the business with his continued focus on sales and service of the complete product line within Newfoundland and Labrador.  A graduate of Memorial University with a degree in Economics and Business and a lifelong resident of Newfoundland he spends his leisure time pursuing his passions of snowmobiling and Atlantic salmon fishing.​

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Harold Lohnes

​​Good decisions are important to Harold Lohnes.

“I believe Pinnacle’s greatest asset is all the experience and knowledge on products and applications that we have,” says Pinnacle Agencies Ltd.’s operations manager. “That helps us make good decisions to advise our customers. It feels good to be a supplier of quality products for Atlantic Canada projects.”

Harold should know. He has been working for Pinnacle Agencies Ltd. for more than 17 years and is the man at the helm at the Dartmouth Head Office. He helps ensure those good decisions with his technical knowledge of the many and diverse product lines, creating the necessary conditions for efficient and effective storage and shipping of the entire product line as well as providing hands-on  support of Belzona applications.A believer in the company’s high customer service work ethic, Harold spends his free time fishing, hunting, and camping in his home province of Nova Scotia. 

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Donald MacKinnon

​​Donald MacKinnon brings more than 33 years of experience with industrial and commercial products to his job at Pinnacle Agencies Ltd. A NACE level 1 coatings inspector, he has spent 19 years helping the company build its reputation for solid technical aptitude and superior customer service.

He says a diversity of product lines ensures that Pinnacle is able to respond to their clients challenges. “If we do not have a solution under one brand name, we may very well be able to solve an issue by turning to another line we carry. That is one of the unique things we bring to the table,  that others cannot. The benefit is that our clients learn to rely on us for our information and problem solving skills.”

It is the people who make the work fulfilling,  as the highlight of his career is building relationships with clients who treat him like a trusted partner.

A life-long Nova Scotian, Donald spends his leisure time enjoying photography, landscaping, camping and woodworking.

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Shane MacDow

Shane MacDow has worked extensively with concrete producers and steel fabrication industries on a wide cross section of projects across Atlantic Canada for nearly 20 years, learning from experience the rewards that come from providing long-term solutions for construction and industry.

The Secretary-Treasurer and co-owner of Pinnacle Agencies Ltd. believes the diversity of product lines gives the company its foundation of strength while the long-term partnerships of clients, suppliers, and employees have reinforced the success over the years.

In January 2015, Shane and two of his colleagues (Darryl Hodder and Randy Nason) became co-owners of the company. “I have had a long-time interest in the success of Pinnacle. This new role means additional responsibilities, but we also have an opportunity to grow".

Shane is particularly excited about the new 2016 social media campaign that will help Pinnacle better network with its customers and showcase the product portfolio.

Originally from Nova Scotia, Shane now calls Moncton, N.B. home. A former associate director of the Atlantic Concrete Association, Shane spends his leisure time on the rugby pitch, ski slopes or with a fishing rod in hand.

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Dean Hopkins

​After more than 22 years as president and owner of Pinnacle Agencies Ltd., Dean Hopkins passed the ownership and leadership reins on to three respected employees (Randy Nason, Shane MacDow, and Darryl Hodder) in January of 2015. But he isn’t saying good-bye just yet.

Dean, who has been with the company for most of its more than 25 years, says he is confident that Randy, Shane, and Darryl will take Pinnacle Agencies Ltd. to new and even greater heights. Meanwhile the NACE Certified Coatings Inspector continues his focus on the corrosion control side of the business, primarily protective coatings.

“Our greatest strength is our top-quality manufacturers,” he says. “It makes life a lot easier as a sales professional when you are confident that you are selling some of the best materials on the market.”Dean moved to Nova Scotia more than 30 years ago as a professional hockey player, and says days with a good cigar and his wife, Elaine, on their boat “Hop E Days” are among his favourite off-work  pass-times

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Rob Greenlaw

​​A NACE Level 3 Certified Coatings Inspector, Robert Greenlaw is proud to work for a company that supports its clients’ needs.

“Representing such a wide range of manufacturers allows us to be involved at some level in almost all projects, and to find solutions for almost any challenge,” he says. “My personal focus is on protective coatings and our industrial focused lines. The diversity of products at Pinnacle Agencies helps me serve clients well.”

Robert says to do his best with various industrial clients, he must truly understand their needs and the ultimate purpose that makes one project unique from another and that make a customized solution so important.

An avid outdoorsman, Robert was born in Victoria, B.C. He moved to New Brunswick in 2011 and joined Pinnacle Agencies Ltd.

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Matt Webb

Matt Webb likes that his job at Pinnacle Agencies Ltd. means bringing his “A-game” to work every day. “Pinnacle is a strong, team-driven company, exceeding the market with rapid turn-around for its clients,” he says.

Trained as a professional cabinet maker in his home of Brisbane, Australia, Matt left home and a growing career there seven years ago to follow his wife to her home in Halifax, N.S.   Australia’s loss was Atlantic Canada’s gain, as Matt now brings a master craftsman’s attention to detail to outside sales, developing customer relationships, taking orders, and helping prepare for the company’s social media campaign.

For more than five years Matt Webb has been helping Atlantic Canadians with leading edge technical sales and support for all construction and industrial needs.​

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Brian Laidlaw

Brian is one of the newest members of the Pinnacle team. He is excited and proud to be working with Pinnacle Agencies. He feels very confident and lucky to be able to represent the some of the best brands in the industry. Also, fortunate to work alongside and be mentored by the professionals who have made Pinnacle what it is today.

“Being part of such a close team who all work together to ensure the customer gets the best results is very refreshing to be part of.”, claims Brian.Brian has a Sales background and takes customer service very seriously. He takes a consultative approach with integrity. “Selling is about building relationships, problem solving and helping your clients.”, Brian says.

He is originally from New Brunswick and has a BA from Mount Allison University. In his spare time he enjoys camping, kayaking, and salmon fishing the Miramichi River.

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Richard Weagle

​​Richard brings over 20 years experience in the warehousing industry. He has completed hazmat first responder training at both the operations and technician levels  at Lambton college in Sarnia Ontario.

He looks forward to working closely with the team at Pinnacle to gain the knowledge to provide a superior customer service experience to our customers.

Richard is a biker and a tinkerer and spends his free time riding, repairing and building motorcycles. Though I don’t know how he has the time when he has a wife and four children he enjoys spending his time with.

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Andre Waltz

Andre Waltz brings more then 20 years of experience in architectural & commercial coatings industry in Atlantic Canada. In 2010, he became focused servicing customers in the Protective & Marine Coatings Market.

A NACE Level 1 Certified Inspector, Andre’s focus with Pinnacle assisting architects and engineers with specifications and meeting customers needs by providing the best solutions with the diverse and extensive product lines available.

As a new member with Pinnacle, Andre is proud to have joined the team and now to work aside among the best and most knowledgeable professionals in the industry.

A life-long resident of Moncton, NB, Andre spends his time enjoying the outdoors, camping, biking and landscaping with his wife and two daughters.
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