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The BASF offering

 Since 1909, BASF has dedicated itself to providing the concrete industry with a full range of the most technologically advanced chemical admixtures. Strength, durability, and placeability have always been and continue to be important issues to concrete producers.  Today producers face even more demands from their customers, who are increasingly expecting concrete that is aesthetically-pleasing, more sustainable, more durable, easier to place and safer to use.  That’s why we’ve focused our efforts on constantly developing innovative Master Builders Solutions brand products like the performance-enhancing MasterGlenium® HRWRs, MasterLife® durability admixtures, and MasterFiber®; while maintaining our focus on the proven products and services our customers know and expect. 

Our product offering includes one-on-one customer support, dispenser service, troubleshooting, mix design support and jobsite service. With this unique mix, BASF can be a key resource in helping ensure the success of any concrete construction project.

Concrete Admixtures

   Concrete is one of the most versatile and sustainable materials in the construction industry today.  Used in the residential, commercial and infrastructure markets, concrete meets and exceeds the challenges of the construction industry.  New technologies such as high-strength concrete, pervious concrete, self-consolidating concrete, fiber reinforced concrete, integral color and water proofing have all increased its  appeal and durability as a building material. Utilizing technological expertise and experience, BASF brings new and innovative admixture technology to the concrete market. Producers have come to rely on our respected Master Builders Solutions brand products – and our people – to develop and implement innovations that bring value, including: self-consolidating concrete, workability and placeability improvements, set control, shrinkage reduction, and corrosion control. ​